Enterprise Resource Planning

PrisLogix helps companies implement powerful and cost effective ERP systems that serve all departments within the enterprise. It has the required expertise to establish multifaceted ERP systems that will help companies function and deliver their utmost best. PrisLogix's proven competency is where the success factor comes into play. The company has expertise in all the functional areas including Sales and Distribution, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Costing etc., thus is has acquired an edge over other similar businesses. It has a vast experience in creating and developing web enabled/client server applications, implementing two-tier, three-tier, multi-tier client server applications over enterprise networks.

ERP Selection and Implementation

Finding a cost-effective ERP solution can be easier said than done. Many companies may offer attractive ERP solutions, but without proper planning and execution they turn out to be financial disasters for the concerned organizations. Countless ERP systems frequently fail, primarily because of poor planning, lack of involvement from the concerned management. At PrisLogix, success depends on fulfilling the organizations objectives, thoroughly analyzing their requirements and accordingly selecting an ERP solution. The following ERP solutions were selected and implemented by PrisLogix: SAP, Oracle Financials, Great Plains, etc.


PrisLogix is a leader in the provision of first class solutions and technical support to organizations throughout the world. PrisLogix has a wealth of experience involving Microsoft technologies. read more

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